The Credit Monkey schedules full and half day workshops. Often, he sponsors a workshop himself, but at other times, he partners with community organizations to help make his workshops even more affordable. Currently, the full day workshop is DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE IN 90 DAYS. The morning portion of the workshop discusses how credit scores work and “The Things Credit Repair Companies Don’t Tell You”. The afternoon session focuses on what credit repair companies do and how the attendee can repair his or her own credit at a fraction of the cost charged by a credit repair company. Included with the workshop is the Credit Monkey’s complete set of credit repair letters and telephone scripts.

The Monkey’s present half day workshop is BUDGETING. Learn the art and skill of how to create a reasonable and workable budget and how to use the Credit Monkey’s Budget Tool to save money and reduce debt. Of course, the attendee receives a complimentary copy of The Credit Monkey’s Budget Tool (MS Excel is required).

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