Imagine saving thousands of dollars on credit repair by simply meeting with the Credit Monkey once every six weeks and paying a consulting fee rather than a monthly maintenance fee, a per letter charges and removal fees. At your credit habilitation meeting, the Monkey will assess your credit goals, evaluate where you are in the credit repair process, explain what your next steps should be and supply you with the tools necessary to take those steps.

If you need to reduce or eliminate your debt and have failed on your own, making yourself accountable to the Credit Monkey is often the key to success. The Credit Monkey can help you create a budget and build a plan to reduce or eliminate your debt; more importantly, the Monkey will hold you accountable to follow the plan. The monkey has an exclusive tool that allows you to create a reasonable budget and then follow your financial progress every day. Now you can see where you were when you started. Know exactly where you are today. Envision where you will be next month.

Recovering from bankruptcy is an intentional process. The Credit Monkey’s Guide to Surviving Bankruptcy provides recently discharged Chapter 7 Debtors a detailed outline about how to start over. Depending on your circumstances, the Monkey can help you buy a new car in a year and a new house in two.